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Our Story

Traveling the world , setting foot in Many countries, for business or pure pleasure and leisure!

then having to worry about a good Kosher meal, for me, for family ,& for friends, was difficult

so BestandKosher.com was born!


I hope you enjoy the service & and then the food, Yael

* * *

my business is based on the following guide lines!




We integrate these principles into all aspects of our work, from delicious food and striking design to attentive service to an understanding of trends and value, we will bring you the best kosher experiences possible in any given location on the globe.

Bestandkosher.com The most accurate information on a simple interactive site
Purchasing food to prepare is time consuming, whether or not you are entertaining,it is always frustrating and time-consuming.
You have to run from store to store, sit in traffic, find parking, wait to be served and stand in line for the check-out.
Then, when you finally make it home, you have to start cooking!!
So we at Best & Kosher decided to build a user- friendly web site to simplify the life of anyone seeking quality kosher services:
  • All businesses on Best&Kosher.com are Kosher,
  • In a few seconds, Best&Kosher.com will find the best kosher businesses in the vicinity you are searching
  • The Best&Kosher.com site is constantly updated
  • Best&kosher.com is the perfect place to order meals for Shabbat, chag or for your every day house hold or on your travels!
  • on Bestandkosher.com it’s easy to find, easy to order on-line, easy to receive Best of Kosher anywhere you need it .

Enjoy bestandkosher.com!

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